Your Princeton Coordination Team has been working very diligently to prepare for the upcoming Reunion in 2023

IT HAS BEEN DECIDED TO MOVE OUR REUNION BACK TO JUNE 2023 (EXACT DATE TBD). The main reason is to ensure CG59 will be in port for us to visit. The feedback we’ve gotten from all of you is that we want to see the ship one last time before decommissioning, so we want to give ourselves the best chance of that happening. Our original Feb 4 date was highly likely but not a sure thing. The June date gives us more certainty that the ship will be there. As our own experience shows, unexpected things can happen, but this date gives us the best chance to be able to visit our ship.

Also, this gives us more time to find all our shipmates who weren’t even aware we had a February 3-5, 2023 date saved.   In fact, we only have roughly 125 of a potential 500 shipmates eligible to be invited to this Reunion we have even been able to contact to date. Our main goal for this reunion is MAX PARTICIPATION – WE WANT TO SEE AND SPEND TIME WITH ALL OUR SHIPMATES, FROM PLANKOWNERS THROUGH DESERT STORM. 

We need to give ourselves enough runway to find, connect with, and invite shipmates who missed out last time, and aren’t aware of this upcoming event. WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH THIS, AS THERE ARE MANY SHIPMATES WE DON’T HAVE CONTACT INFO FOR. Please let us know soonest if you’re in touch with shipmates we might not know about *OR* simply ask them to fill out the Mailing List below and they will be contacted directly by us. NOBODY DID IT BETTER, SO LET’S DO IT BETTER!

We appreciate all of you who may have already begun to make plans to come in February being flexible and willing to switch your plans to the new dates.   We are still negotiating with the venues (like a Hotel in Downtown San Diego) to host our Dinner Banquet the Saturday we plan to visit the Princeton.

Please stay tuned for further updates as they become available. This is going to be a great event, and we want to see everyone there!

Your Princeton Reunion Coordination Team

TIm Shaw

Greg & Denise Lees

Greg & Collen Miller

John Gordy

Joe Wright

Jerry Dickerson

John Van Patten

Steve Karoly

Erich Roeder


If you have NOT received an e-mail from our Princeton Reunion Coordination team, please fill this form out to be added to the mailing list FOR FUTURE COMMUNICATIONS:


Speaking of lots to be done, we NEED VOLUNTEERS to help with the many details around planning and execution. Local San Diego-based shipmates are always a big help, but wherever you are, we need you! Let us know ASAP if you’re willing to pitch in by sending us an e-mail to coordinator@princetonminestrikecrew.com .  We expect to kick off planning very soon as there’s a short runway until February.

Thanks, Stay tuned, #NobodyDoesItBetter

YOUR Princeton Reunion Coordination Team

E-mail us at: coordinator@princetonminestrikecrew.com 

25 Year Reunion Group Shot on the Princeton Helo Deck

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