Our 25 Year Reunion…

Greetings to all those who sailed in USS Princeton CG 59 during the first Gulf War in 1991!  Many of you and your families were able to attend the wonderful reunion in San Diego in February 2016 and the many pictures on this web site pretty much capture the event.  But what wasn’t captured is the real sense of camaraderie among a group of shipmates, most of whom had not seen each other in 25 years, who together performed as one following the mine strike.  I was proud of you then and that hasn’t diminished over the years.  

For me the reunion was a very emotional homecoming and it was a thrill to see so many of you.  My biggest regret is not having enough time to talk more with everyone.  Many others also expressed regret that the day went by too fast and we just ran out of time.   But at the end there seemed to be a groundswell of support for having another reunion in five years.  I’m looking forward to it!

In the meantime we can all reach out to those who have not been in contact and those who simply couldn’t be there this time.

Thanks to Tim Shaw for organizing and hosting the event and to Jerry Dickerson, Erich Roeder and others who supported Tim.  And also thanks to the group who have been talking about this for several years on Facebook.  Nobody Does it better!


Ted Hontz

Sample pictures… more pictures available by link to photographers website below…

Link to 1stPhotographer, Paula Permenter’s complete set of pictures (passcode: 9724)

Link to 2nd Photographer, Jessica Lawton’s complete set of pictures (passcode: 8605)

Link to Captain Alexander’s comments to the Princeton Reunion Crew

Link to Captain Hontz comments and Tim Shaw’s presentation to Captain Alexander

Link to Captain Hontz’ presentation at GE in April 1992 re the Princeton Mine Strike

Link to Captain Hontz’ comments to the crew who came to the 25 Year Reunion

4 thoughts on “Our 25 Year Reunion…

  1. Wow gotta get out more, the lack of social media and I missed all this. Would have been there for sure. STG2 Cannon on mine watch that morning and watched both explosions. I thought we were being shelled!


    • Hello Robert! Great to hear from you! I host this website and will definitely post when we might have another reunion. The COVID pandemic forced us to postpone our 30 Year Reunion unfortunately. Stay tuned for further announcements here. We also have a Facebook group if you use that, I can link you to if you aren’t already there.


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